Corten – Rust Free Screws

Screws for weathering steel. NORDMET today has the widest range of stainless steel sheet, Cortenplåt, and we have now completed the range with another product that fits into our segment with Cortenstål. We now make stainless steel screws and bolts painted in a very natural color and surface to fit into our and our customers’ products of Corten / Rust-proof Steel. The structure and shade make the screws match the Corten plate and thus melt in very well.

All screws and bolts are delivered with an EPDM seal that seals and protects the sheet from accelerating corrosion just at the hole edges. The advantages of self-drilling screws are of course many. You do not need to drill or laser cutting only because of the hole image, saving time and money. You are free to customize the mounting according to the current circumstances on site for assembly.

Examples of products where Corten screws can complete the end result are: Discount edges, corten phases, cultivation boxes, tree rings, edge supports, rails, trellis, yes, only the imagination sets limits. It is available in most types, self-drilling for mounting on wood or steel rule. We have self-drilling screws that can handle as much as 6mm’s plate!

If we do not have the screw you need at home in stock, then we will lighten up as needed without the need to be too big. Our assortment of Corten plate – Stainless steel sheet is thicknesses from 0.60mm up to 50mm! Common steel grades in stock are S355J0WP, S355J2W, S355J2WP, Corten-A and Corten-B. Rusted steel was developed in the USA in the early 20th century when experimenting with various alloys to produce a steel that had a better resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Corten is a trademark that was later created by US Steel, but most of Europe’s stainless steel is sold under EUR norm, such as the S355J0WP.

Cortenplåt roastes just like all other carbon steel, but the unique with Rosttröga steel is that under the right conditions a solid rust layer will be applied which will slow down the roasting so that the life span is 5-8ggr longer than with ordinary carbon steel. Due to our expertise in this area, we are also hired today as a material consultant. Rust-proof steel – Cortenstål. Always ask NORDMET!